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Endo (In)Visible's mission is to raise awareness and educate people about endometriosis, but above all, to raise funds to defray the costs asssocated with excision surgery. Skilled excision is considered the gold standard in successful treatment of endometriosis, however locating and traveling to these experts can be near impossible for many due to the financial constraints involved. Not all doctors accept insurance and many are out of network. In addition, the amount of surgeons performing skilled excision throughout the world is few. Compound the travel/time off work/child care costs with the expense of surgery and one will find the majority of patients are not able to access what data show to be the best chance at living an endometriosis-free life. 

We believe equal access to life changing surgery should not only be accessible to those who have financial means, which is the case at the moment. Endo (In)Visible was founded in 2016 after I suffered for decades with inconsistent and short-lived relief through the standard but ineffective first-line treatments offered by the majority of ob/gyns. After learning about and seeking out excision surgery, I felt that I had been given a second chance at life and couldn't stand by to see the most effective treatment, excision surgery with a skilled specialist, remain out of reach for many. Endometriosis is a social justice issue that impacts 176 million women worldwide, but remains, as Shannon Cohn has said, "the most common disease you've never heard of". Help us give women their lives back.

Fighting for you,

Melissa Tison, Founder, Endo (In)Visible

If you would like to learn more about endometriosis and who we are, please visit Endo (In)Visible

If you are looking for FACTUAL information about the disease, please visit Endopaedia, the Center for Endometriosis Care, or the Endometriosis Research Center.  

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